Dolina Jagi

Discover a land where mythical spirits come to life!


The biggest secrets of Legendia are hidden in the valley of Dolina Jagi. It is a place where in ancient times supernatural forces almost destroyed all human activities and for hundreds of years no one could discover it.

Legend has it that the valley of Dolina Jagi became a place where Baba Jaga (a hag) only revealed her face when she was forced to do so but people with pure hearts and righteous intentions do not have to be afraid.

However, Baba Jaga had something that set her apart from other witches ... It was a broom that, unlike its appearance, did not serve her for flying. Baba Jaga travelled in a copper cauldron and the broom served as an oar. When visiting Legendia, you will be able to sail across the rolling river in a copper cauldron and discover the biggest secrets that have been hidden in the valley of Dolina Jagi. You will have the opportunity to meet the  good and evil face of the legendary witch. The face you know will depend only on the purity of your heart and your intentions ...