Silesian Merry Town´s History

Silesian Merry Town is the oldest Polish amusement park. It is situated in the Silesian Park, on the border of Chorzów and Katowice. You are invited on a journey into the past to learn more about our history.

The amusement park started to be built in 1956. The entertainment center for the inhabitants of the region was built on 39 hectares. The first phase was finished in September 1959, when the first visitors entered the amusement park.

By 1960, 63 attractions were in operation and the interest was tremendous. On average, the amusement park was visited by six thousand people a day; during the holidays it was about fifty thousand. One of the recordings was made in September 1966 during the Workers' Tribunists Festival, when 80,000 people were having fun at the amusement park. People from all over the country came to Silesia to have fun in the first amusement park in Poland.

The largest carousel, which has been in operation since the beginning of the amusement park, are large planes - Dream Flight Airlines. Hanging on a 45-meter tower they fly at a speed of up to 55 km per hour and the night flight lasts about 12 minutes.

Adults and young people were happy to use the floating café "Arizona", which offered aromatic coffee and an unusual atmosphere. Today, many have mentioned that they had met their future husbands there. There were regular dance parties in the café, which made it easier to meet friends who came to work in Silesia. At the end of the eighties, the café ceased to function.

In 1978, a ferris wheel (now Legendia Flower) came to the amusement park. Our guests were given the opportunity to look at the panorama of Silesia from the gondola, a new attraction. Up to the present time, it offers one of the best views in the area. Legendia Flower is 40 meters high and can bear 216 passengers at a time. To this day, it is the largest carousel in Poland.

In 2007, visible changes began to take place. The first roller coaster in Poland, 21 meters high, with a double loop came to the amusement park. In 2014, 26 carousels were purchased from the Danish amusement park Sommerland Syd. Until April 2015, the amusement park was managed by the Provincial Park of Culture and Recreation Gen. Jerzy Ziętek S.A.

Since May 2015, TMR, a.s. has been owning and managing 75% of the shares of the Silesian Amusement Park. TMR has committed to invest PLN 120 million (EUR 30 million) over the next five years. In 2016, the first of the Magic Mountains´thematic zones was put into operation with the new Diamond River attraction, which was thematically focused on diamond mines and which was supervised by the legendary treasure keeper.

On March 30, 2017, Silesian Merry Town turned from a typical lunaprak into the largest amusement park in Poland and was named Legendia Silesian Merry Town, which message is not only entertainment but also education related to beautiful cultural heritage, such as legends, fairy tales and narratives.

The 2017 season brought many changes. The park has acquired other thematic zones: Magic Village, Valley of Dreams and Magic Forest. Cult attractions got a new look and the novelty of the 2017 season was Lech Coaster  - the largest attraction of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe - opened on July 1, 2017.

The season 2018 belonged undoubtedly to Bazilyszek. It is the first Interactive Dark Ride family attraction in Poland. It has won many prestigious and industrial awards.