Attractions well-known and awarded all around the world!

Bazyliszek and Lech Coaster



Bazyliszek (Basilisk) is popular with all age groups. The interactive Dark Ride attraction uses top-modern technology and is based on the Polish legend of Basilisk – a monster that turns people and animals to stone. The attraction was awarded with the “Oscar” of the world entertainment industry – at the prestigious TEA Thea Awards gala in Anaheim, California.  

Lech Coaster


The attraction is like a symbol of extreme challenges. Its parameters are as follows: 104 seconds per ride, 908 metres long, 40 metres high, 4 turnings and almost 100 km/hour. Lech Coaster, known as one of three top investments of its type in Europe in 2017, introduces the beautiful story of the origin of the Polish state through multimedia presentations and other themed elements.