St. Nicholas' Day in Jama Bazyliszka | 6-7.12.2019


Halloween in Legendia | 26.10.2019


60th birthday of the Silesian Amusement Park | 14-15.09.2019


Summer Vibes Music Party | 31.08.2019


Stand Up in Legendia | 22.08.2019

Legendia at Night - Midsummer night | 22.06.2019

Children's Day in Legendia | 1-2.06.2019


1.09.2018 we had fun at the last AT NIGHT this year and celebrated the 59th birthday of Legendia.

In the middle of August the guests of our Park had fun at the 5th AT NIGHT. All this took place on 18.08.2018.


The fourth edition of At Night and Phoenix shows are now a thing of the past. See report from 4.08.2018


The next edition of Legendia at Night is behind us, this time under the sign of multimedia shows in a spherical tent 21.07.2018.


See how we celebrated Lech Coaster's first birthday at Legendia at Night 7.07.2018


This was the case during the first edition of Legendia at Night 23.06.2018

Legendia dołącza do Szlaku Ślonski Godki - briefing prasowy 14.09.2017

Legendia Night Light Show 15.07.2017


Legendia at Night I edycja 24.06.2017


Happy Kids Festival 03.06.2017


Gra terenowa 06.05.2017


Otwarcie nowych bram Legendii 29.04.2017


Prezentacja nowej odsłony Śląskiego Wesołego Miasteczka

57. urodziny Śląskiego Wesołego Miasteczka 03.09.2016

Strefa Magical Mountains

Nowości lipiec 2016


Happy Kids Festival 02.07.2016

Wesołe At Night 13.08.2016