Meet Legendia

60 years of tradition, over 40 attractions for everyone, fun all day long

Legendia Silesian Amusement Park is the highlight of Silesian attractions and also the biggest theme park in Poland! For almost 60 years we have been providing great fun to guests of all ages. Throughout the 26 hectares, surrounded by greenery and in the vicinity of a lake, we’ve spread 40 attractions including ones for children, ones for whole families and ones for the fans of extreme adventures. The guests will also find well known and well-liked attractions, such as the Ferris wheel (Legendia Flower), large aircrafts (Dream Flight Airlines) and cups (Tea Cups), as well as new items, including Diamond River - a slide to the water from the height of 8 and 12 m, or the breathtaking Lech Coaster - awarded the title of Best Coaster 2017 in the prestigious industry competition for the best European rollercoaster 2017.

The hit of 2018 season is the Bazyliszek – the only Interactive Dark Ride family attraction in Poland and at the same time one of the most modern in the world. Bazyliszek is not limited by age and height, therefore it allows fantastic fun for guests of all ages.

Crossing the threshold of Legendia, you are moving into a magical world of fun, in which the leitmotifs are legends, fairy tales and stories. You will discover here the legend of Treasurer - Silesian, good spirit of the mine, Lech - the legendary founder of the Polish state, flower of fern, terrible Bazyliszek and many other stories, expressed, among others in themes, thanks to which they will stay in memory for a longer time, provide a thrill and a lot of joy. 




Visit Legendia and discover the World of Magical Fun!

Legendia in numbers::

over 40 attractions for everyone
5 thematic zones
26 hectares of greenery and fun
11 catering facilities
nearly 60 years of tradition
over 800 species of plants in the park

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