After an eventful day, it's time to grab a bite. See what we have prepared for you.


Oberża Lecha


Lunch in the city of the legendary Polish founder? It's possible only in Legendia. In our Oberża you will taste delicious Polish dishes, including excellent pork roast Lech.



Pod Zielonym Pazurem


Defeat Basilisk, and after the fight, rest Pod Zielonym Pazurem. Delicious baked potatoes in a variety of versions and desserts, cakes and cookies will charge your batteries.



Old Town Cafe


A cafe in the entrance area where you can try aromatic coffee, eat a delicious dessert, a fresh bread sandwich or a croissant baked on the spot.

Marina Snacks


After intensive rowing on Magical Lake Taxi boats, you will regain your strength in our marina, where we serve delicious fish & chips.

Ice Dream


A real paradise for all lovers of ice sweets. You will find Italian ice cream, soft serve and delicious sorbets right here!

Crunchy Bite


Hot and crispy - with mushrooms, salami, ham and more! Just like that - simply perfect casseroles in the company of refreshing drinks.



Fairy Sweets

Move to the fairy-tale land where waffles dominate. Among several sweet variants, you will certainly find your favorite.

Old Mine Tavern


Legendiaburger is our specialty! Take a breath and stop at the Diamond River tavern – give into temptation and try our burgers and Belgian fries.



Availability of catering points may vary depending on the day in season.

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