PRE-ORDER SALE - Season pass 2019

More than 100 days of fun without limits
for a minimum of only PLN 159*!

More than 100 days of fun!

More than 100 days of fun, many attractions for the whole family! From 06 April until 27 October, you can visit us every day during the opening hours. The 26-hectare area of our park is full of attractions that will give you unforgettable thrills. With five theme zones based on legends from different parts of the world, everything is centred around a magical lake where you can go for a boat ride with your family. Grab the opportunity to have unlimited fun throughout the season, from April to October! Take part in Legendia at Night events!

Season ticket is a named ticket without the possibility to sell it to third parties.

Season pass obtain from 06. April until 27 October 6.04.2019 do 31.10.2019

Offer valid until 5.04.2019 r.


Season pass 2019 - price from 14.01 to 5.04.2019
⤷ Children below 3 years of age PLN
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⤷ Children below 12 years of age PLN
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⤷ Persons over 12 years of age PLN
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⤷ Seniors 60+ PLN
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Season Pass 2019

Season pass entitles you to enter the Legendia Silesian Amusement Park every day on which the park operates in accordance with the opening hours in season 2019, which lasts from 6. 04. 2019 to 31. 10. 2019. .
The ticket is not valid during Legendia at Night events.

Sean Pass 2019 + Legendia AT NIGHT

Additionally, the Season Pass 2019 + AT NIGHT is valid during Legendia at Night - entitles you to enter all editions of the event, which will be much more than last season!

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